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Residential and commercial units by Tanveer Associates

In contrast to the boxy tower blocks typically found in mid-rise, high-density Islamabad housing developments, Miusam heights have a strong visual presence that combines undulating geometries of balconies with a stepped building form. The development ranges to seven stories, with varying heights responding to the site’s surrounding context. Where the first to fifth stories are dedicated to residential units introducing you to new levels of luxurious living.

Together, they host only 30 elegant apartments units, granting families an exclusive sense of privacy amidst world-class amenities and a serene cityscape. Breath-taking vistas in sublime comfort, the grandeur of stunning living spaces, and tranquillity at your convenience when you have a wide range of choices for leisure. The dark exterior adorned with a grey façade at the upper and lower levels gives a nod to the area’s minimalist vibe. The interior is lavishly designed supporting floor-to-ceiling windows which provided awe-inspiring views of the city skyline. From the peaceful hue of an Islamabad morning to the golden glow of the setting sun, and the twinkling lights of the night-time, the appearance of these residences is ever-changing, evoking different moods throughout the day.


Residential Apartments and Commercial Units


30 (Two Bedroom Apartments)


Commercial Plot # 8, Markaz Block A Motorway M-2, Fatehjang Interchange, Faisal Town. Islamabad.


Typical Floor Plan Amenities include:

Typical Finishes include:

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