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Construction Activity Surges in Karachi Amid Soaring Cement Sales

In a recent development, the All Pakistan Cement Manufacturers Association (APCMA) has unveiled a promising report signaling a remarkable resurgence in construction activities in Karachi. The report reveals an impressive 37% surge in domestic cement sales, painting an optimistic picture for the construction sector in the city.


The APCMA’s report offers an encouraging start to the fiscal year 2023-24 (FY-24). During the first two months of this fiscal year, domestic cement sales have skyrocketed to an impressive 6,573 million tons, a substantial leap from the 4.8 million tons reported during the same period in the previous year.


What’s even more noteworthy is the astonishing upswing in export despatches, which have surged by a staggering 117.13% during the same period, climbing from 540,957 tons to an impressive 1.175 million tons year-on-year. Consequently, the aggregate cement shipments, encompassing both domestic and international sales, have reached a remarkable 7.747 million tons, marking an extraordinary 45% increase compared to the corresponding period in FY-23.


The trend continued into August, with total cement shipments, catering to both domestic and international markets, witnessing a remarkable 37% increase. The total cement shipments for August 2023 stood at 4.518 million tons, a significant leap from the 3.297 million tons recorded in August 2022.


Breaking down the August figures, local cement shipments surged to an impressive 3.79 million tons, marking a notable 30% increase compared to August 2022. Simultaneously, cement exports experienced an astounding 87% boost, soaring from 387,440 tons in August 2022 to an impressive 727,777 tons in August 2023.


Commenting on these developments, a spokesperson for the APCMA emphasized the current challenges Pakistan faces, including rapid currency depreciation against the dollar, historically high petroleum prices, and escalating electricity rates. These economic hurdles are leading to increased production and transportation costs, which are anticipated to impact final consumer prices. The spokesperson underscored the urgency for the government to address these issues promptly in order to mitigate their repercussions on the industry.


As the construction sector gains momentum in Karachi, the surge in cement sales reflects a positive outlook for the city’s infrastructure and development, despite the economic challenges. Observers are hopeful that concerted efforts by both the government and industry stakeholders will help sustain this growth and further boost the construction industry in Karachi.

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