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Capital Development Authority Fires Land Director Amid Allegations of Illegal Land Acquisition

In a significant development, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has taken the decision to terminate its Land Director, Sidra Anwar, following a grave attempt by CDA officials and a government watchdog to illegally acquire an eight-kanal property in Sector E-11. The CDA has formally requested permission to relieve the officer of her duties and return her to the Establishment Division, as communicated in a letter to the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP).


Sources have indicated that Sidra Anwar is under suspicion of assigning eight kanals of land based on forged paperwork. This controversy stems from the CDA’s previous allotment of land to specific individuals in 2006. However, with the alleged assistance of corrupt officials, these individuals managed to obtain yet another plot illegally. Subsequently, this irregular allocation was revoked, and two CDA employees were placed on leave pending investigations.


Before the allocation was canceled, the party that had acquired the land from the original allottees attempted to assert ownership over it. However, certain CDA officials raised objections, citing violations of norms and regulations. Shockingly, representatives from an anti-graft organization purportedly tried to exert undue pressure on these officials with the backing of select CDA personnel.


In a twist to the saga, these external parties also brought up the name of a senior intelligence official in an attempt to sway CDA authorities. The concerned intelligence officer, upon learning of the situation, took immediate action. He requested the CDA Chairman and the head of the watchdog to investigate the matter thoroughly.


As a result of this investigation, CDA Chairman took the stern action of suspending Assistant Director Aftab Saleem and a dealing assistant named Jamshed. He further constituted an investigating committee to delve into the matter.


The committee’s findings were damning, as they concluded that the land had been allocated unlawfully, and crucial information had been concealed in the files. Specifically, the allottees in question had already received land from the CDA in 2006 through false statements.


Furthermore, the security directorate seized additional files from the suspended dealing assistant, Jamshed. It has been reported that the Director of Land will also face termination once approval is granted by the ECP. It’s important to note that the actions taken by the CDA in this matter have not resulted in any financial loss to the municipal organization.


This incident underscores the commitment of authorities to upholding the rule of law and ensuring transparency in land allotment procedures, while also sending a clear message that corruption and malpractice will not be tolerated within the ranks of the CDA. A formal investigation is set to commence, promising further developments in this ongoing case.

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