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Multi Smart Homes

The best modern amenities are combined with a charming blend of Exclusive Living

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The best modern amenities are combined with a charming blend of Exclusive Living by Tanveer Associates with Multi-Smart Homes, ensuring a warm and opulent lifestyle in the most prestigious location. Multi-smart homes for high-end living are distinguished by their special blend of contemporary architecture with vibrant surroundings, exceptionally high construction standards, and professional approach. Discover peace amidst Islamabad’s breath-taking natural beauty. Possibility to become the best residential address in Islamabad, with an unrivalled lifestyle and convenient accessibility to educational institutions, health care facilities, and urban commercial spaces. The luxurious, ultra-spacious 3 bedroom high-end villas are designed to provide maximum flexibility for internal space planning to suit individual tastes. A residence designed and meticulously built with innovative ideas that are key to your happiness. The residences are designed to combine a distinctive look, immaculate planning, and stunning interior.

Features & Facilities

Miusam Mall & Apartments is a microcosm of modern and healthy life style and everything that makes the residents more lively from the individual to the community.

Abundance Of Daylight & Ventilation

Each module has placed in such a position to have abundance of light and ventilation.

Shopping Mall & Food Court

3 Floor Reserved for Mall and Food Court with Escalator.

Designated Car Parking

Secured basement car parking for all units in addition to a visitors’ parking area.

Comfortable Environment

Every Apartment will be connected t oreception via intercom, assuring privacy, best comfort on all the aspect and an ideal environment for families.

Panoramic Views

Large balconies and spacious terraces to enjoy the beautiful landscape of the surroundings.

High Class Atrium

The large open space within the building provides light and ventilation to the interior spaces.

Gated And Secured

Miusam Mal & Apartments is a gated community with 24 hours monitored CCTV.

Shared Facilities

Multi purpose Lobby, Masjid, Escalator, Elevator & Corridors.


Miusam Mall & Apartments

Not only provide shelter but boost the real estate worth of the mall & apartment buildings in the area.


The Calmness of Nature

Mall & Apartments offers a perfect life-style to those who seek a tasteful blend of comfort and modernity. Located in the center of the metropolis, proximity to the beautiful area makes it the best choice for those who wish to experience the calmness of nature while conducting their daily businesses.

great deal
Life's little desires

That mean a great deal

A home with spectacular views, modern contemporary design and an exclusive address, Miusam Mall & Apartments is only the place for you.

Footstep of Margalla Hills

Faisal Margalla City

“Faisal Margalla City (FMC)” located adjacent to Margalla Hills, surrounded by B-17 Scheme. This Housing Scheme will have the direct access through Main G.T. Road N-5. It is Planned to be developed with new lifestyle along with latest innovation of Modern living. Apart from this, the Margalla Avenue which is still in the process of construction, will soon connect this area with main Islamabad Sectors D-12, E-11, F-10, F-11. After the completion of Margalla Avenue, the distance between these Sectors from FMC will be a few minutes drive. All facilities such as educational institutions, parks, mosques, large road network, grounds, green areas, water, electricity and gas facilities are available in FMC. In the near future, the FMC will certainly be called the best area of the region.

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