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Royal Empire

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Royal Empire- Your Business Destination

Welcome to Royal Empire, a groundbreaking commercial project poised to redefine the landscape of Block B Markaz in Multi Garden B-17, Islamabad. With its strategic location, premium amenities, and versatile spaces, Royal Empire stands as a beacon of modern commerce, catering to businesses, software houses, and corporate offices seeking an environment that fosters growth, connectivity, and success.

Features & Facilities


1, 2 Bed Luxury Apartments

Wide Corridor with Spacious Passages

Wide Balconies

Wide Stairs

High Speed Elevator

Wide Car Parking

Prime Location of Double Road

Close to Park & Masjid

Separate Entrance for Apartments

Beautifully Designed Elevation

1st to 5th for Residential Area

Lower Ground & Ground for Commercial Activities

Features and Facilities:

Earthquake-Proof Design

Safety is a paramount concern, and Royal Empire addresses this with its earthquake-proof structure, ensuring a secure environment for both occupants and investments.

Versatile Commercial Spaces

Royal Empire offers a diverse range of options. Lower ground and ground floors are dedicated to shops, catering to various business domains. Meanwhile, floors 1 to 4 offer expansive business halls, ideal for corporate offices, software houses, and innovative workspaces.

Premium Amenities for Success

In line with its commitment to excellence, Royal Empire provides an array of premium amenities, including comprehensive maintenance services, ample parking provisions, advanced security systems, and efficient elevators, ensuring a smooth business experience.

Strategic Growth Potential

Royal Empire’s location goes beyond mere convenience. It positions you for the future by ensuring swift access to E-11, a burgeoning area post the completion of Margalla Avenue, setting the stage for continuous growth.

Adjacent Luxury at Multi Club

 Complementing the project’s offerings is the presence of Multi Club in close vicinity, offering a lavish recreational haven spanning over 100 kanals, akin to Islamabad Club. This addition adds a touch of leisure and extravagance to the surroundings.

Community and Infrastructure:

Multi Garden B-17, the larger community where Royal Empire is situated, exemplifies thoughtful urban planning:

Well-Laid Infrastructure: The community boasts well-carpeted roads, inviting parks, playgrounds, and meticulously designed mosques.

Modern Utilities: Multi Garden B-17 is equipped with modern utilities, including underground electricity, gas, and water supply, ensuring a convenient and comfortable living environment.


Location and Connectivity:

Royal Empire benefits from its strategic placement, ensuring optimal connectivity to significant destinations. The Royal Empire commands a prime position on the bustling main GT Road, a testament to its prominence and accessibility.

10 Minutes to Faisal Mosque: The spiritual haven of Faisal Mosque is merely a short 10-minute drive away via the picturesque Margalla Avenue, allowing for moments of tranquility amidst the urban rush.

15 Minutes to Centaurus Mall: Within a convenient 15-minute radius, the prestigious Centaurus Mall awaits, offering an array of retail, dining, and entertainment options.

15 Minutes to New Islamabad International Airport: The proximity to the airport guarantees swift and efficient travel, bridging the gap between local and international journeys.

Main Double Road Exposure: Positioned prominently on the main double road, Royal Empire enjoys unparalleled visibility, making it an attractive proposition for businesses looking for a prominent location

Access to Educational Hubs: An additional advantage that Royal Empire presents is its accessibility to Taxila, a mere 15-minute drive away. Taxila is a hub of educational institutions, featuring schools, colleges, and medical universities that cater to diverse learning needs. This proximity to educational excellence enriches the project’s allure, making it an even more attractive proposition for businesses and professionals seeking a holistic environment.

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