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Welcome to Tanveer Homes, a residential experience dedicated to offering artistically laid out extravagant homes with a perfect blend of comfort and modernity. Inspired by Spanish architecture, Tanveer Homes aims to provide residents with a tasteful and luxurious living experience, where privacy and purposeful design are the cornerstones of this exceptional project. With its distinct features and prime location in the executive block of Faisal Hills, Tanveer Homes offers a lifestyle that is truly one of a kind.

Features & Facilities

Tanveer Homes is built with a commitment to quality construction and an unwavering focus on providing residents with the best living experience. Some of the key features of Tanveer Homes include:

Ideal Floor Plan

The floor plans of each villa at Tanveer Homes are meticulously designed to ensure optimal space utilization. The ideal floor plans provide residents with comfortable living spaces that cater to their unique needs.

Drawing Rooms and TV Lounge

Each villa includes well-appointed drawing rooms and TV lounges that serve as spaces for relaxation and entertainment. These inviting areas are perfect for spending quality time with family and guests.

Access to Rooftop

Residents have access to rooftops, offering an opportunity to create personal gardens or rooftop terraces for leisure and enjoyment. The rooftop spaces provide a private retreat with scenic views


The inclusion of a lobby area adds to the grandeur and sophistication of Tanveer Homes. The elegantly designed lobby enhances the entrance experience for residents and visitors alike

Underground and Overhead Water Tanks

Ensuring uninterrupted water supply is a priority at Tanveer Homes, with both underground and overhead water tanks for ample storage. This ensures that residents always have access to water when they need it

Car Porch

Each villa is equipped with a spacious car porch, providing residents with convenient and secure parking options. The car porch adds to the functionality and ease of daily life at Tanveer Homes

False Ceiling

The villas feature false ceilings, enhancing the interior aesthetics and providing a touch of modernity. The false ceilings add to the overall design and give the living spaces a contemporary look

Tiled Flooring

High-quality tiled flooring adds to the luxurious feel and easy maintenance of the homes. The stylish tiles elevate the interior design and create a seamless flow throughout the living spaces

Aluminium Windows

Stylish and durable aluminium windows offer both functionality and aesthetics. These windows are designed to complement the overall architectural design of Tanveer Homes

Beautifully Designed Elevation

The exteriors of Tanveer Homes boast a beautiful elevation that captivates with its Spanish-inspired design elements. The attention to detail in the exterior architecture sets Tanveer Homes apart and makes a lasting impression.

Imported Fittings

The use of imported fittings in bathrooms and kitchens ensures the highest quality and adds a touch of elegance to the interior spaces. These fittings are designed to enhance the overall functionality and aesthetics of Tanveer Homes

Latest Kitchen Design

The modern kitchen design is equipped with top-of-the-line amenities, ensuring a delightful cooking experience for residents. The thoughtfully designed kitchens make meal preparation a breeze


Discovering the Spanish-inspired Interior

Step into the world of Tanveer Homes and be greeted by an ambiance that transports you to the charming lanes of Spain. The interior design of Tanveer Homes is intricately inspired by Spanish architecture, exuding elegance and character in every corner. Here are some of the distinctive Spanish-inspired features that make Tanveer Homes stand out

Spacious Balconies: As an extension of your living room, each villa at Tanveer Homes features spacious balconies that connect residents with the outdoors. These open spaces allow you to enjoy the fresh air and picturesque landscape views, creating a serene and relaxing ambiance that complements modern living.

Ornate Metal Craft: Tanveer Homes are adorned with beautifully crafted wrought iron chandeliers, grills, stair railings, windows, wall lanterns, and lamp post lanterns, both inside and outside the villas. These exquisite features enhance the interior and exterior aesthetics, adding an exotic touch to the overall design.


Curved Arches

At Tanveer Homes, the journey begins with the entrance that boasts a majestic curved arch, giving each villa a distinctive and grand appearance. The concept of arches is thoughtfully incorporated throughout the houses, including doors, windows, and niches. This characteristic Spanish arch design adds a touch of beauty and grace to every aspect of Tanveer Homes

Red Terracotta Roof: One of the most iconic features of Spanish architecture is the red-colored multi-level roof, which is elegantly showcased at Tanveer Homes. The red terracotta roof, complemented by pristine white walls, creates a spectacular visual contrast that is reminiscent of Spanish villas. The terracotta roof adds to the authentic Mediterranean charm.

Courtyard: Embracing the spirit of outdoor living, it incorporates inviting courtyards, patios, pergolas, and water bodies that encourage residents to celebrate good times outdoors, surrounded by nature’s beauty. These tranquil spaces are perfect for relaxation, family gatherings, and entertainment

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Tanveer Homes enjoy a coveted location in the executive block of Faisal Hills, an upscale housing scheme adjacent to the Margalla Hills and beside the B-17 scheme. The project’s strategic position provides residents with easy access to prominent Islamabad sectors such as D-12, E-11, F-10, and F-11, ensuring seamless connectivity to major destinations.

Faisal Hills itself offers a comprehensive range of facilities, making it an ideal residential destination. From educational institutes and hospitals to sports complexes, parks, mosques, a well-developed road network, cricket and football grounds, green areas, and utilities like water, electricity, and gas, Faisal Hills ensures that residents have everything they need within close proximity.


25x50 Villas

These spacious three-bedroom homes are ideal for smaller families seeking comfortable living spaces. The well-planned layout ensures that every inch of space is utilized efficiently.


30x60 Villas

For larger families, the 30×60 villas offer four bedrooms and more space to accommodate the diverse requirements of growing households. The larger size ensures ample space for every family member to live comfortably.

Tanveer Homes promises a lifestyle that embodies luxury, privacy, and modern living, all inspired by the timeless elegance of Spanish architecture. With its thoughtful design, prime location in Faisal Hills, and an array of premium features, Tanveer Homes offers a living experience that is truly unmatched. Embrace the perfect blend of comfort and modernity at Tanveer Homes, where each day brings the joy of living in a picturesque Spanish retreat, right in the heart of Faisal Hills

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