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Faisal Margalla City

Tanveer Homes

The place we can rest, relax, enjoy time with family, learn, grow and just be.

About the


With the introduction of Tanveer Homes, the team now extends its vision of highlife to the twin cities and is determined to transform residential lifestyle into a fusion of modern convenience and traditional comfort.

Tanveer Homes offers a perfect life-style to those who seek a tasteful blend of comfort and modernity. Located in the centre of the metropolis, proximity to the beautiful Landscaping makes it the best choice for those who wish to experience the calmness of nature while conducting their daily businesses.

Tanveer Homes is a residential experience dedicated to artistically laid out extravagant home with a sense of privacy and purposeful design.

Features & Facilities

Tanveer Associates specialty has been that they never compromise on quality and every single inch in the project is fully focused. That's why every project of our company is not only successful, but also a unique one.

Beautiful Elevation

Ideal Floor Plan

Underground and Overhead Water Tanks

False Ceiling

Tiled Flooring

Aluminum Windows

Wooden Doors

UPS Wiring

Hot & Cold Water Fittings

Stylish Wardrobes

Latest Kitchen Design

Imported Fittings

The Key to

Everlasting Happiness

Typically, a home should make you stretch a little over your budget, because the rewards are that much sweeter. You assume you’re getting a larger home. You’re sure the location is much in demand. And you’re mentally reconciled to the fact that all this should cost you a little more.

Well, Tanveer Homes have what it takes to surprise you, again and again. Disproving each of your assumptions. And ticking all the boxes in your home acquisition plan.

30’X50’ HOMES
30’X60’ HOMES
25’X50’ HOMES
Importance of


When we purchase a home, we look for it to provide Comfort, to be a place where we can feel safe and Invest our hopes, dreams and wishes as a foundation for our future. The place we can rest, relax, enjoy time with family, learn, grow and just be. Our homes say a lot about who we are and what we think is Important in life.

Ideal Location

Faisal Margalla City

Tanveer Homes invites you to start your life with full of splendor place with peace and harmony. A greener community that’s more considerate towards the environment, most of the amenities are inspired by nature and promote a balanced way of life. The society location provides easy access to major road networks. This enables the community to connect a fast and convenient commute to major business hubs and the city’s attractions.

Tanveer Homes are located in Faisal Margalla City (FMC) adjacent to B-17 Main G.T. Road Islamabad and the other end of society linked with the Motorway. There will be an interchange for Sector B-17. Most importantly, the task of the completion of Margalla Avenue is being started very soon and after completion, it will be just few minutes’ drive from F-10, E-11 and D-12 Islamabad. Tanveer Homes are located in front of a park and lake which is beautifully designed by society, it becomes a valuable feature of our project.

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