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Faisal Town

Tower 45

A Valuable Opportunity


A Great Business Opportunity

Tower 45 has out-classed all other investment options. Entire concept is to build partners for Tanveer Associates by offering this great commercial opportunity. Tower 45 is located at top location of Faisal Town Markaz, it is situated on double road both sides.

All the residence of Faisal Town Block A & B will always cross through out this building, as it is located in the junction of this great Markaz. Another main feature of this commercial project is a lot of parking in both sides of the building. So its shops will always be a hot location for any kind of business.

Standard of Living


If you plan making Tower 45 as your residence, you have made the right choice. the various techniques utilized to design your future home. This makes us different from all other such projects. We hope to provide you real value with real comfort for your real hard earned income.

We will provide after sale services like we are doing in our all previous projects. We have design beautiful reception and maintenance office for your comfort (we have loses our 2 shops in ground floor in this purpose).

Future Rental Values

Twin-Cities (Rawalpindi & Islamabad) found to be the highest influx for new dwellers falling in middle class. All over Pakistan as well as returning expatriates prefer Twin-Cities as their ultimate living place because of security, better schooling options, better environment and aesthetically beautiful terrain. Especially after developed areas of the Twin-Cities, it is the only Housing Scheme (Faisal Town) which has developing quickly. The only reason is the location of the area right on the Motorway M-1 and Kashmir Highway. Especially it is close to the New Islamabad International Airport and is located outside the path of flights movement.

Features & Facilities


Separate wide entrance for apartments

Wide elevator facility

Earthquake resistant

24 hours water supply

Nearest Masjid and Park

Wide 2 side car parking facility

Solar system (for corridors and stairs area)

Telephone lines, and hot/cold water lines

Tower 45

Tower 45

Tower 45 is a midrise structure, by Tanveer Associates, consisting of 40 luxury 2-bedroom apartments and 45 dedicated commercial spaces. Located within walking distance of the city centre the community invites you to come home to the luxurious community, where spacious floor plans are offered, impeccable amenities are available, and top-notch services are graciously provided, along with a great location with all the amenities you could want. Featuring balconies and naturally ventilated dual-aspect apartments. The structure strategically places commercial spaces with commodious layouts on the dedicated floors to provide privacy to residential units. The exterior makes a statement with its contemporary modern architecture elevating the living standards of its residents with an interior adorned with the finest quality of materials and fixtures. The structure provides you protection from natural disasters with its Earthquake resistant ductility skeleton. Just 5 mins drive from the new Islamabad airport the residential community stands proudly offering a quality of life dream of many

Lobby Area &

Maintenance Office

It is a exclusive feature of Tower 45, Faisal Town that we build a Lobby Area and Maintenance Office at ground level. We take a loss in 2 shops but it could be different from others, that sold out the buildings to different persons and not taking the responsibility of after-sale-services. We properly maintain our buildings after the sale it like our other projects, that we properly maintain in the city. Our best wishes! That we create comfort for our customers.


An Ideal Location

Faisal Town

Panoramic view coupled with aesthetically designed landscape is a breath taking moment while visiting the Faisal Town. The beauty of nature on an elevated view of Islamabad is another edge. Zedem has redefined this beauty of nature with professional expertise, visionary layout planning compatible to international standards. The inhabitants are enjoying most modern amenities with comfortable lifestyle.

Faisal Town is a housing project by Zedem International Pvt. Limited. It is registered under RDA and have all NOC’s clear. The company has a prestigious background of development in MPCHS projects like B-17, F-17 and E-11.

The Location of the project is close to Fateh Jang Exit of Tarnol Interchange on M-1 Motorway and the other side Kashmir Highway cross the block B of Faisal Town.

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